How do I pay for an exam?

Please return the entry form enclosed WITH full payment to confirm your entry on to the exam. You can pay in cash, by cheque or by credit/debit card (please note there is an additional charge when you pay by credit or debit card) by exam entry closing date. Please contact cambridgeexamsmanchester@experienceenglish.com for the payment details.

 Late entries may be accepted (subject to availability) but have a £25 late entry fee.


No entry will be processed without the correct payment.


Cambridge English require minimum numbers for the exams. If these are not reached, a full refund will be given.



If you have any special requirements for your examination (due to medical reasons), please state this clearly and in as much detail as possible on the relevant section of the application form.

For any questions about special requirements, please contact cambridgeexamsmanchester@experienceenglish.com with the subject of the email: Special Requirement


When will I get my exam timetable?

We send all exam information by e-mail to the e-mail address given at the time of the application. If this is not received one week before the written papers exam date - you MUST contact us immediately.

Please remember to check your ‘JUNK MAIL’ folder for emails from Manchester Academy of English and Cambridge English as emails could be moved to this folder depending on your email account settings.

You MUST bring a valid proof of ID on both exam days. This MUST be the SAME ID that you use on application.

Will the speaking exam be on the same day as the written papers?

It is not always possible that your speaking exam will be on the same day as your written exam. Please note that the dates of the oral exam will be confirmed approximately 2-3 weeks before the exam. Your speaking exam might be held on a weekday or on a Saturday a week before or a week after the written papers. The speaking day is set by Cambridge English – it is NOT possible to choose your speaking exam day.

Please check the ‘speaking window’ column on the Cambridge Exam Calendar. You MUST be available for all the dates in the speaking window when you enrol for an exam. It is not possible to transfer your speaking exam to another day/centre. If you do not take your speaking exam you will not be able to take the written papers.

You can also check the date of your speaking exam on the 'Dates' webpage.

How long will the speaking exam take?

Speaking exam times vary depending on the level of the exam. However, you should allocate at least one hour for your speaking exam on the exam day.

Do I need to bring anything with me on the exam day?

You must bring valid photographic ID (EEA card or passport) to every part of the exam. YOU MUST USE THE SAME ID ON APPLICATION AND ON THE EXAM DAY. Failure to bring ID could result in you not being allowed into the exam room.

You must bring a pen, pencil, rubber and sharpener to your written exams.


If I am late, can I still take the exam?

Please allow plenty of time to get to the exam venue as arriving late may result in not being let into the exam room.

If you are running late, you must call the emergency phone number on your Confirmation of Entry IMMEDIATELY.

If I miss my exam, will I get a refund?

No refunds will be given to the candidates who are not able to attend any of the parts of the exam.

Can I transfer to another exam or another centre?

It is not possible to transfer to another centre or another exam session.

If I miss one part of the exam, can I still pass?

No, you must sit all parts of the exam. Cambridge will not mark incomplete exams.

Can I withdraw from an exam?

If you wish to withdraw from an exam, please contact cambridgeexamsmanchester@experienceenglish.com

Please note: it is not possible to withdraw from an exam after the registration deadline.


When will I get my results?

Results are available online approximately 4 weeks after your exam.

Don't forget to register to the free online results service so that you will be notified by Cambridge English when the results are online. To register for this service, please use the link on your Confirmation of Entry form (exam timetable) sent to you from Cambridge English. 

To access your results, use your unique log in details on your Confirmation of Entry.

When will I get my certificate?

Certificates for KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and BEC will be sent to Manchester Academy of English 6-8 weeks after the exam. We will inform you via email when we receive them.

We will send you an email when we receive your certificate. You must confirm your address by responding to the email before we can post your certificate. You do not need to inform us of changes of your address before that time. Please remember that there is addition charge of £10 for the postage of certificates.

You can also collect your certificate from the school – please note, you must bring a valid photographic ID (EEA card or passport) when you collect it.

TKT certificates are sent to the school approximately 4 weeks after the written exam.

Can I get feedback for each part of the exam?

No, Cambridge do not provide details on specific parts of the exam.


“I’m not happy with my result!”

Can I appeal against a grade?

If you are unhappy with your grade there are 2 stages available to the candidates:

1. A full clerical re-check of all papers (your points awarded on exam parts will be checked/counted again).

2. A re-mark of papers (the exam papers (your answers) would be checked again).

The first stage fee is £30.00, the second stage can only be requested after the first one is done, and would cost £100.00.

Please note, by requesting a re-mark there is no guarantee your grade will change. It is also possible that your grade may go down. If you decide to proceed with the remark and you receive a lower grade, you cannot change it back to the higher mark.

The deadline for requesting a remark is BY THE END OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH when you receive your exam result (i.e. if you receive your result on the 16th April, the deadline for STAGE TWO is the 30th May).